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Privacy policy

I. Personal data controller

II. Contact in matters related to the processing of personal data

III. The origin of the data

IV. Type of personal data processing

V. Purpose of data processing

VI. Transfer of personal data

VII. Time of personal data processing

VIII. Processing time Automatic processing and profiling of personal data

IX. The user s right over their own personal data

X. Supervisory authority and complaints

I. Personal data controller

The administrator of personal data is Voxcommerce Group Sp. with o.o. based in Warsaw (00-052), ul. Świętokrzyska 18, NIP: 524 254 93 24, REGON: 140188736, hereinafter referred to as the Administrator.

II. Contact in matters related to the processing of personal data

Email: [e mail [email protected]] Poczta: Voxcommerce Group Sp. z o.o., ul. Świętokrzyska 18, 00-052 Warszawa.

III. The origin of the data

Personal data is collected only in connection with activity on the websites the website https://voxdeveloper.com and https://voxcommerce.pl. IN including, in particular, by purchasing a service, asking a question, subscription, contact with customer service, etc.

IV. Type of personal data processing

1. To perform the service / transaction, e-mail data, name and details are necessary name, email, telephone number. No consent to process these data makes it impossible to present an offer, conclude and implement the contract. In addition, the user may voluntarily provide other personal data and address.

2. In addition, if the user agrees, the data is collected in cookie files and saved in the browser settings. In mind separate legal provisions, it may be necessary to process others data, e.g. for tax or accounting reasons.

IV(A). Collection and Use of Phone Book Data

Our application, VoxCRM PRO, utilizes data from your phone's phone book - such as surnames, telephone numbers, email addresses - to facilitate customer relationship management and to personalize the services we provide. We collect this data only after obtaining your explicit consent, which you can withdraw at any time. We assure that the collected data is securely stored and protected against unauthorized access. We do not share it with any third parties unless we are legally obliged to do so.

IV(B). Collection and Use of Call History

Our application, VoxCRM PRO, utilizes the call history from your phone, including information such as the date, duration, and phone number of the correspondent, to enhance customer relationship management and personalize the services provided. By integrating call history with our CRM system, advisors can quickly add notes and record and review the history of interactions with a client, which increases the efficiency and effectiveness of our service. The collection of this data occurs solely with the user's consent, which can be withdrawn at any time. We ensure that these data are stored securely and protected from unauthorized access, and their usage is limited to purposes related to improving our services. We do not share this information with any third parties without the explicit consent of the user or a legal requirement.

V. Purpose of data processing

Users personal data are processed by the Administrator for the purpose presentation of the offer or performance of the concluded contract, in particular:

a) Provision of electronic services. - Account registration user. - Contact between the parties to the transaction. b) Performance Transaction related payments. - Issue of documents postings. c) Contact with the Administrator - Transaction handling. - Accepting suggestions. - Consideration of complaints. - Solving technical problems. d) Monitoring activities, including e.g. analyzing inquiries, notifications e) Conducting marketing activities f) Contact for permitted activities marketing, through available communication channels, in particular and with the consent of the user - by e-mail and / or telephone. Personal data will be also processed for purposes resulting from separate legal provisions in including, among others tax and accounting purposes. Due to the legal legitimate interest of the Administrator, personal data is processed also for the purpose of: a) Ensuring the security of services. b) Counteracting fraud and abuse. C) Mediation and resolution user disputes d) Statistical, service improvement and conducting analyzes. e) Handling contact with the service department also in when they are not related to the performance of the contract. f) Archiving data.

VI. Provision of personal data

Personal data will be processed only by the Administrator and selected technology partners (e.g. hosting company) to implementation of the above-mentioned goals. Processing of personal data by the Controller s technological partners takes place on on the basis of a contract ensuring compliance with the processing conditions with the regulation on the protection of personal data. Personal data can remain transferred to public authorities authorized to obtain them also on on the basis of separate regulations (e.g. Police, Prosecutor s Office, Offices Customs and Tax, etc.). Personal data will be transferred outside European Economic Area based on appropriate security legal, such as standard contractual clauses for the protection of personal data approved by the European Commission in accordance with Art. 26 sec. 4 Directives.

VII. Time of personal data processing

1. Personal data will be processed until the consent is withdrawn processing of personal data, and after such revocation, for a period limitation of claims due to the data controller and in attitude towards him. The administrator has the right to process personal data in for security purposes, to prevent fraud, scams, and to statistical and analytical purposes for a period of up to 10 years from termination of the contract. As long as it results from separate regulations law (e.g. the Accounting Act, the Tax Ordinance) personal data will be kept for the period required by the above-mentioned provisions in to enable the legal requirements of these regulations.

VIII. Automatic processing and profiling Personal data is processed in an automated manner, including profiling in in order to adjust the content of the website to personal preferences and user. There will be no automated processing or profiling have any legal effect or significantly affect the user s situation.

IX. User rights over their own personal data Everyone the user has the right to: a) Access to personal data that is his concern, including obtaining a copy of the personal data subject to processing. The right to obtain a copy may not be detrimental to you on the rights and freedoms of others. b) Correcting and supplementing data in in case of their incorrectness or out-of-date. c) Deletion of data. - If the request to delete data concerns data necessary for the performance of the contract may involve the termination of the contract. d) Restrict their processing in the following cases: - The accuracy of the personal data is contested by the data subject - for a period allowing the controller to verify the accuracy of these data. - Processing is unlawful and the data subject relate to, opposes the removal of personal data, requesting instead restrictions on their use. - Administrator no longer needs personal data for processing purposes, but they are needed by the person, data subject to establish, assert or defend claims. - The data subject has objected to the processing pursuant to Art. 21 paragraph 1 to processing until it is determined whether legally justified the bases on the administrator s side take precedence over the bases objection of the data subject. e) Data portability - a person, data subject has the right to receive in a structured, a commonly used machine-readable format personal data concerning her, which she provided to the administrator, and has the right to send these personal data to another administrator without obstacles on the part of the controller to whom the data was provided personal. f) Not being subject to automated decision making (v this profiling). g) The right to object to data processing personal. - Where the processing relates to purposes statistical or is carried out on a justified basis the legal interest of the Administrator, and the objection is justified by the particular situation of the person. All requests regarding the implementation of the above-mentioned rights should be sent to the Administrator: a) By electronic means to address: [email protected] b) To the following address: Voxcommerce Group Sp. with o.o., ul. Świętokrzyska 18, 00-052 Warsaw.

The administrator provides information about the actions taken without unnecessary delay, within one month of receiving the request. Because relevant circumstances (including the number of requests or the degree of complexity of the application), the deadline may be extended by another 2 months. By what, within one month, the Administrator will inform the data subject relate to the reasons for delay and extension of the deadline. First a copy of the list of personal data is provided free of charge, for cost-based fee is charged for subsequent copies administrative fees in the amount of PLN 100. If the requests of the data subject concern are clearly unjustified or excessive, in particular with due to its continuous nature, the administrator may charge a fee resulting from administrative costs in the amount of PLN 200, and in in special cases, refuse to act. The fees in question above should be paid to the Administrator s bank account provided in responses to the notification. The administrator will take action after posting the receipt of the fee on the bank account. On refusal to take actions and the fee are subject to a complaint to the supervisory authority.

X. Supervisory authority and complaints in connection with the processing of personal data each person has the right to lodge a complaint against the action or failure of the Administrator to the supervisory body, which is:

President of the Personal Data Protection Office ul. Stawki 2 00-193 Warsaw


The administrator of your personal data is Voxcommerce Group Sp. z o.o., check the Privacy Policy. Privacy policy.

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