RODO readiness checklist for development companies

Sending a customer an offer, a newsletter or creating an apartment reservation is of course personal data processing.

We need your consent to process your personal data. After the entry into force of the GDPR - we will also need proof that the client has been informed who and to what extent processes his data and what rights he has in connection with it. Disregarding the topic of personal data protection and the new regulations can face severe penalties.

How to process personal data in accordance with the law?

We've prepared a short guide that will help you check the development company's readiness for new regulations.

How do we currently process personal data in the company?

• What databases of individuals are used in the company? Are there lists other than potential clients, employees, job candidates?
• How are these databases stored and secured?
• Who has access to these databases? Only employees of the company, or maybe some external companies?

Do we have adequate consent for data processing?

• Where did the data come from? In the event of an audit, can we show that individuals have consented to the processing of their data?
• How do new data reach the database? Do we collect appropriate consents when adding data to databases?
• Is the content of the consents given by a given person saved in the database?


Do we care about their security when processing data?

• Do team members know how to protect personal data against leakage or unauthorized access?
• Have individuals and companies with access to databases signed confidentiality agreements and authorizations to process personal data?
• How do you plan to fulfill the information obligation towards persons whose data you process?
• How do you plan to keep a record of the data processing activities?

Find out how the voxDeveloper CRM system helps development companies meet legal requirements in the field of personal data processing.

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