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I highly recommend a tool that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding marketing and sales directors.

The system allows me to analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns on a day-to-day basis and thus fully consciously assess in which channel to invest the budget. CRM supports both the work of marketing and the work of our sales people, enabling at the same time to efficiently manage a large number of customers, each of whom has its own separate card and history. I recommend the system, but also the people who created it and are constantly improving and personalizing it on request so that people like me could work better.

Dominika Bombik
Marketing & Sales Director / Apricot

VoxDeveloper CRM is a system designed for Developers, helps in registering clients, concluding contracts and reporting. Assigned Caretakers from the company are open to new ideas, any suggestions and changes in the system. The most important for me in our cooperation is openness, speed of response to customer expectations and immediate feedback. Cooperation is a pleasure, I definitely recommend it.

Beata Kosobudzka
Sales Office Manager / Dekpol S.A.

VoxDeveloper CRM is a system dedicated to selling development investments. It gives the opportunity to organize sales processes. It is a reasonable solution for development companies that want to grow and grow.

Piotr Siwiec
Commercial Director / Prestige

The advantage of cooperation with VoxCommerce is a full understanding of the realities of the real estate industry, the ability to quickly adapt to the changing market environment, readiness to undertake innovative projects and excellent communication enabling the timely and error-free implementation of entrusted activities.

Mariusz Kania
President of the board / Metrohouse S.A.

Employees of the company are professionals with great experience in the scope of both IT and real estate industry. Thanks to it, during the implementation of the project, they understood out needs and gave valuable advice; as a result, the implementation of the project proceeded smoothly.

We are very pleased with the results of the work done.

Michał Borowski
President of board / Cosmopolitan

Thanks to the implemented system and its continuous development, we have greatly facilitated the work of our key departments and significantly improved communication in the company.

Professionalism, ease of making contact, speed in action - these are just some of the features of VoxCommerce employees.

Sławomir Gąsiorowski
Director marketing / Home Broker

Systems for the real estate industry are our specialty

There are many IT companies and systems, what makes us and our system for developers stand out?

  • You save your time and money by working with people who simply have many years of experience in the real estate industry, not just in IT many years of experience in the real estate industry, not only in IT
  • Since 2004, we have been developing systems for the largest developers and real estate agencies - including Robyg, Home Broker, Metrohouse, JLL and many more
  • We are effective and we ensure the development of systems in the long term
  • We create systems quickly, safely and at a reasonable price
  • We use proven, modern technologies
  • We adapt the software to your individual needs
  • We meet current guidelines Personal Data Protection Act and up to date we adapt systems to the requirements of GIODO and Rodo
  • We offer support in e.g. entering data into the system so that your employees can focus on customer service
  • voxDeveloper CRM already uses dozens of developers from all over Poland and their number is constantly increasing

    CRM for developers is an increasingly popular tool also among smaller development companies. The system is designed to support the following departments: marketing, sales, accounting, legal and acceptance throughout the entire customer service process - from the inquiry received e.g. from the website to the receipt of the premises by the customer. Deciding on CRM implementation developers will be able to better control the company's activities and maintain the highest standard of work. The database of developers using the system for everyday work has been growing dynamically for several years. More and more representatives of marketing and sales departments are aware of the benefits of using advanced work tools with functions adapted to the real estate market. The possibilities of comprehensive collection of statistical data on contracts, settlements, development documentation and all evidence of contact with clients are the characteristics of this class of software.

    The system for developers, like any CRM for companies, also has standard functions to streamline sales activities, including the ability to analyze sales opportunities for specific apartments in investments over time and demographic group.

    Users in the customer card can check the current information at any time complete documents. In CRM, real estate is stored broken down into residential premises, adjacent areas (cell garages, etc.) as part of investments and stages, which makes them easier to find. The program for developers also records each user's activity and saves it in the system and then includes it in reports.

    It is important for CRM for the developer to simple to use, increased convenience and efficiency of work and allowed to serve the largest possible number of customers in a short time. What's more, CRM for developers should provide the ability to efficiently manage multiple company departments, user roles and permissions.

    By using CRM for developers you get the opportunity to increase the effectiveness of your team's activities and implementation of processes that work in successful development companies from all over Poland. If you are interested in CRM systems, please contact us by email or phone. We provide quick, professional and free consultation.

Compare offers

voxDeveloper Limit
 Od 525 zł / miesiąc
Database of clients and flats, garages etc. | And a friendly search engine
Limit on the number of investments: 5
Limit per list of apartments for sale: 50
Limit on the number of system users: 5
RODO module
Individual and branch calendar | as easy to use as Google Calendar
The service process | system suggests the user to take further actions with the client
Booking queue and notifications
Contract module | along with generating contracts from templates
Document templates
Tenant changes and collections module
Report and fault module | along with the generation of reports
Installment schedules
Payment module with payment import
Calculation of interest
Contract annexes
Service of shares in contracts
Discounts service
The ability to issue invoices
Basic reports
Individual copy of the system, hosting, backups | For each client we run an individual instance of the system which allows its independent development
Easy Website Integration Flexible APIs available
Integration with portals Import of queries from portals, export of price lists
Customer Area
Weekly updates
Investment website with 3D search engine
and many others...
Test version in 1 day, implementation with training even in 2 weeks
1200 zł / miesiąc
voxDeveloper Individual
Unlimited investment
Unlimited number of apartments
Unlimited number of users
All features from the PRO version
Website with 3D search engine, fully integrated with CRM
Integration with accounting and banking systems
Individual functions


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